<h2 class='question'>Who may join the GLDTL?</h2>

Participation in the GLDTL is limited to academic institutions which meet all of the following criteria:

  1. The institution must be located within a nation designated as “developing” by the United Nations.
  2. The institution must be located in a nation with a per capita income under $15,000.
  3. The institution must have religious education as a core part of its mission.
  4. The institution must be not-for-profit.
  5. The institution must have fewer than 2,000 students.
  6. The institution must agree to limit access to the GLDTL to current students and employees.

<h2 class='question'>How much does the GLDTL cost?</h2>

Prices are based upon two criteria:

  1. the average per capita income of individuals within the nations and
  2. the number of students at the institution.

The initial prices for participation are listed below:

Per Capita IncomeNumber of StudentsMembership Fee (USD)
<h2 class='question'>What all is included in GLDTL membership?</h2>

GLDTL member institutions have full access to GLDTL content for one year. Membership is renewable annually. The librarians at the GLDTL will provide your students and faculty with login credentials.

<h2 class='question'>How is membership in the GLDTL so cheap?</h2>

The GLDTL relies upon deeply discounted pricing from “Publishers and Vendors of Goodwill.” The publishers and vendors who provide content for the GLDTL have chosen to participate in the GLDTL in large measure because they wish to promote a better world by enabling all people to engage both in sustained reflection upon their own religious beliefs, practices, and ethics and also in humble dialogue with persons of other traditions. These participating “publishers and vendors of goodwill” have agreed to provide deep discounts for their content in order to promote the global dissemination of knowledge to students and researchers with less access to financial resources. These generous “publishers and vendors of goodwill” believe that all people, regardless of financial constraints, deserve the opportunity to read, learn and engage in the life of the mind. Our initial gold level sponsors are CREDO reference, ACLS humanities ebooks, de Gruyter, and ProQuest Muse.

<h2 class='question'>Is membership available for individuals?</h2>

No, we cannot license to individuals. We can only license to academic institutions.

<h2 class='question'>How does one join the GLDTL?</h2>

First, make sure that your school is eligible. See the first question above “Who may join the GLDTL?” Second, make sure that your institution is able to pay the member fees as listed above in the question “How much does the GLDTL cost?” Then contact us.