Philosophy & Ethics

Dictionary of World Philosophy

by A Pablo Iannone

Publication year: 2001

A Dictionary of Philosophy

by Antony Flew, Stephen Priest

Publication year: 2002

The Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy

by Robert Audi, Paul Audi

Publication year: 2015

Biographical Dictionary of Twentieth-Century Philosophers

by Stuart C Brown, Diane Collinson, Robert Wilkinson

Publication year: 1996

The Dictionary of Twentieth-Century British Philosophers

by Stuart C Brown, Hugh Bredin

Publication year: 2005

The Edinburgh Encyclopedia of Continental Philosophy

by Simon Glendinning

Publication year: 1999

Encyclopedia of Postmodernism

by Victor E Taylor, Charles E Winquist

Publication year: 2002

Encyclopedia of Empiricism

by Don Garrett, Edward Barbanell

Publication year: 1997

Encyclopedia of Ethics

by Lawrence C Becker, Charlotte B Becker

Publication year: 2001

An Introduction to the Philosophy of Language

by Michael Morris

Publication year: 2007

Encyclopedia of Race and Racism

by Patrick L Mason

Publication year: 2013

Encyclopedia of Diversity and Social Justice

by Sherwood Thompson

Publication year: 2015

Companion Encyclopedia of Asian Philosophy

by Brian Carr, Indira Mahalingam

Publication year: 1997

Encyclopedia of Violence, Peace, & Conflict

by Lester R Kurtz

Publication year: 2008

The Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of the American Enlightenment

by Mark G Spencer

Publication year: 2015

Worldviews and the Problem of Evil: A Comparative Approach

by Ronnie P. Campbell

Publication date: 2019

Christian Ethics for a Digital Society

by Kate M. Ott

Publication date: 2017

Atheism: the case against God

by George H. Smith

Publication date: 2016